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At Amarillo Vet Clinic, we offer the SaveThisLife microchip which is used in conjunction with Google Maps.

A microchip, approximately the size of a grain of rice is implanted between the shoulder blades using a syringe slightly larger then that of a vaccination. This procedure can be done in the office at any time and in a matter of minutes.

 We will cover your LIFETIME activation fee.

Features & Benefits of a SaveThisLife Microchip

  • Registration in Save This Life’s internationally searchable database.
  • Aluminum, lifetime, replaceable ID tag stamped with your pet’s microchip number.
  • Each pet’s Microchip I.D. number can be searched in popular search engines like Google and the owner can be contacted by text or email, minimizing recovery time for a lost pet.
  •  There are no registration fees, no annual fees and no fees to update information or transfer pet owners
  • Each pet receives coverage for up to $1,000 in emergency care for 30 days after activation to cover accidents that may occur while he or she is lost. *
  • Save This Life sends out free Lost Pet Alerts to the shelters and rescues within a 25 mile radius of where a lost pet was last seen 
  • Save This Life sends a Lost Pet Alert Poster to the pet owner
  • LIVE Toll Free 24 /7 /365 with bilingual Save This Life  operators,  to assist you with lost or found pets.

* See Save This Life info sheet for complete coverage infromation 

How it works

 "It starts with a quick Google search.  First, you find a lost pet and Google the pet's microchip number.  Second, you are able to contact the pet owner privately using patented technology via text message and email.  Third, the pet owner will receive a GPS map of the pet finder's actual location with the message that the pet finder has sent (For example: "Hey I found your pet. Call or text me at [phone number] or email me at [email address]"). This eliminates the middleman, and a message goes instantly to the pet owner. This system allows pets and owners to be reunited faster than ever before. Pet finders needing additional assistance are also free to call our toll free number and speak to a live operator."

For further understanding of the Save This Life's program, watch this video to see the future in action

Video - Save This Life Video

Needing the registration form?  Save This Life Form.pdf

Reasons to microchip your pet

1. Simple and easy procedure 

2. Lost dogs/cats with microchips are found more often

3. You want to do everything you can to prevent the unthinkable

According to the Humane Society, it is estimated that 10 million pets are lost every year and a family pet is lost every two seconds.

To schedule an appointment for your pet’s microchip or to find out if your pet has one, please call us at  806-373-7454.

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