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Amarillo Veterinary Clinic was founded in 1938 by Luther M. Griffin, D.V.M. Later, Dr. Griffin added Loyal L. Rush, D.V.M.(Lt. Col. US Army WW II & Korean War) in the 1940s and Eugene Ansel Willis, D.V.M. and Dee Ray Jenkins, D.V.M. in the 1950s before he retired. The clinic served small and large animals throughout most of its existence. In 1961, J. Fred Love DVM came to Amarillo Veterinary Clinic as a newly-graduated veterinarian. Dr. Willis was killed in an automobile accident in 1962 and Dr. Rush retired in the late 1960s. Drs. Love and Jenkins became the primary veterinarians and partners throughout 1970s.

Dr. Love and his wife (Fern), having grown up near Dallas-Fort Worth, set new roots in the panhandle to raise their family (one son and two daughters) and build the practice into what it is today. Dr. Love purchased the clinic from Dr. Jenkins when he retired in 1980 and has continued the mission of Amarillo Veterinary Clinic.

Over the years, the practice gradually catered more to family pets leading to a much larger focus on small animals by late 1980. Amarillo Veterinary Clinic has maintained affordable prices for vaccinations and surgeries in Amarillo since its inception to reduce the barrier of cost from maintaining veterinary public health. 

In 1992, Dr. Love welcomed his daughter (Donna Love DVM, now Donna Love Regehr) to practice by his side. Together they have served Amarillo’s pet health needs and educated pet owners with tips to affordably and responsibly care for their pets. Drs. Love and Regehr have always maintained one to three additional vets on staff with them to address Amarillo’s family pet health needs with diverse training backgrounds. Currently Christy Webb DVM, Lynn Echols DVM & Bret Whitten DVM are assisting them with this mission as they each bring unique skills to serve Amarillo’s families and their pets.

Mission of Amarillo Veterinary Clinic

  • To ensure quality veterinary care for Amarillo's family pets
  • To educate pet owners about preventive strategies for optimal pet health

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